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Dio - Distraught Overlord (ディオ –DISTRAUGHT OVERLORD–?) was a visual kei metal band from Japan, formed on May 14, 2006. Rather than following the usual sound of visual kei, Dio – Distraught Overlord is a darker, heavier band, which combines metal with melodious tones.[1] Guitarist Erina left the group in September 2009 and they went on hiatus, until announcing that they were officially disbanding on March 13, 2010 and that the same line-up would reform as a new band.[2] That same month vocalist Mikaru started a project called Digras, its other members have not been announced yet. In January 2011, bassist Ivy (now going by Tomoa) formed the band Remming. In July, Mikaru and drummer Denka (now going by Syu) formed the band Black Line, and Erina is currently in VII-Sense.

Living on a dream
Dying for an angel
Reach out, waiting for a miracle
No sign of wings, as you turn your back on me

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